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If you want to display some Java content, but you see only a broken puzzle piece and a failure mes- sage that says you need a plug-in to view application/x-java-whatever content, you can install the software you need from the Sun Microsystems Web site (www·sun·com). Look for the Java Runtime Environment package from java.sun·com/download. It should say something like Java Platform, Standard Edition. Be sure to select the edition that runs on Linux.

Doing Cool Things with Firefox
Some neat bells and whistles are built into Firefox that can make your browsing more pleasant. The following sections explore a few of those features.

Blocking Pop-ups You can block annoying pop-up windows using the Firefox Preferences window. Here's how:
1. Click Edit Preferences. The Preferences window appears.
2. Click Popup Windows under the Content category.

As the Preferences window notes, by blocking all pop-ups you might keep some Web sites from working properly. Click the Allowed Sites button to allow pop-ups on certain sites that you choose.

Using Tabbed Browsing
If you switch back and forth among several Web pages, you can use the tabbed browsing feature to hold multiple pages in your browser window at once. You can open a new tab for browsing by simply selecting File New Tab or by pressing Ctrl+T. You can open any link into a new tab by right-clicking over the link and then selecting Open Link in New Tab.

You can also tailor how tabbed browsing works from a Web page or from the Location box. Here's how:

1. Click Edit Preferences. The Preferences window appears.
2. Click the Tabs tab.
3. Click the tab-related options you desire.

Unix cp
Unix cp Unix cp
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