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A tab for each tabbed page appears at the top of the Firefox pane. To close a tab, create a new tab, bookmark a group of tabs, or reload tabs, right-click one of the tabs and choose the function you want from the drop-down menu. One of the easiest ways to open a link in a tab is to right-click over a link on an HTML page. Select the Open Link in New Tab choice.

Using the DOM Inspector

If you are debugging a Web page that you are creating, the Document Object Model (DOM) Inspector can be useful for checking out the structure of your page and dynamically updating the DOM you are traversing. To open the DOM Inspector, from the Firefox window click Tools DOM Inspector.

In the DOM Inspector window, type the URL to the Web page you want to check out. The nodes representing the head, body, tables, fonts, and so on appear in the left column. Values for each node appear in the right column. Click a node name, and the selected area is highlighted on the page below, with the node value appearing to the right. You can also use the DOM Inspector to inspect a window.

Resizing the Web Page

There is a nice keyboard shortcut that lets you quickly resize the text on most Web pages in Firefox. Hold the Ctrl key and press the plus (+) or minus (­) key. In most cases, the text on the Web page gets larger or smaller, respectively. That page with the insanely small type font is suddenly readable.

There are many more things you can do with Firefox than I have covered in this chapter. If you have questions about Firefox features or you just want to dig up some more cool stuff about Firefox, I recommend checking out the MozillaZine forum for Firefox support:

This page has a sticky link to Miscellaneous Firefox Tips and a good FAQ post.

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